no friends but the mountains


Elegance in

The Kurdistans in 4 incarnations. Silver, black, gold and white. Which one is your favorite?
Get it even more personal with the canvas and the leather bracelets.

/The Safin Mountain crew

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“The slow dew rain that fell on Kurdish land. On my land…”

Safin Mountain brings you the Rojava and the Peshmerga. Kurdistan, charity, to contribute and a damn nice watch.


We are very excited to announce that our new collection has arrived! These elegant timepieces comes with a stylish silver/gold mesh strap with either an elegant white dial or a timeless black dial. The elegant design is a suitable companion whether if it’s a dressed up occasion or a casual one. With one of these watches you can be sure that you’ll always be in style and proudly wear the map or the colors of Kurdistan on your wrist.

/The Safin Mountain crew